Terri Wagner

Terri Wagner is an award-winning artist living on a small farm in Kiefer, Oklahoma. At four years old she was drawing horses, seeing the world through an artist's eye. Her love of horses, animals and the outdoors inspires her to paint, responding to the amazing world around her. "I like to paint realism, but strive to keep it loose with bold brushstrokes and vibrant colors."

Artists Statement:

“Who am I...What inspires me to paint? I was a child of the 60s and raised in a large family in the big city of Chicago. Although Chicago was full of art and culture and an interesting place to grow up, it was probably the last place I wanted to be. I was born in Chicago but my heart was born on a big ranch out west somewhere and I’ve been trying to find it ever since. I was watching horses in westerns on TV as a child and reading about them in books because that’s the only place I could find them. Although I also loved dogs and all animals and wildlife, my love of horses is what really inspired me to want to draw. A talent for drawing and painting was in the blood and as the number 5 child out of 6, I also picked up the pencil and started drawing at an early age. My parents having grown up in the depression did not see any practicality in being an artist and tried their best to discourage me from it. But I was so driven to fill a blank sheet of paper with a horse..... what can you do about having such a compulsion? I never really wanted to do anything else except draw and ride horses. My allergies kept my parents from letting us have even a dog for many years, but eventually when I was older they moved south and out of the windy city and I realized my dream to have animals, especially a horse. 

I have been riding ever since, and practicing my art my whole life. Often folks will wander by my booth and ask how long it took to paint a particular piece. It’s endless hours of practice and many failures....struggling to create something worthy and beautiful while facing all of life"s difficulties and distractions at the same time. It’s putting yourself on the canvas for every one to see. With God’s love, blessings and the talent he saw fit to give me, I’ve been able to do this. How long does it take to paint one piece? In reality it takes an entire lifetime for all of them.” 

Shows & Awards:

American Academy of Equine Art Fall Exhibition 2001 and 2005.
3rd place at the Artists of Northwest Arkansas Fall Exhibition 2004.
Fall 2007 Oklahoma Watercolor Society Show.
American Art in Miniature Show 2008 at Gilcrease Museum.
Tulsa International Mayfest Invitational Gallery 2005-2018, including BEST IN SHOW 2006.
Woolaroc's Cow Thieves and Outlaws Reunion, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022
Women Artists of the West Member
Accepted into Women Artists of the West National Exhibition 2016-2021.
2nd place the WAOW 46th National Exhibition 2017.
Painting received the Southwest Art Magazine Award of Excellence the WAOW 47th National Exhibition 2018.
Accepted into Natureworks Art Show & Sale 2020, recieved a Natureworks Excellence Award
CH Russell Museum’s Charlie’s Miniature Roundup 2022
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